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Re: How To Clean Bird Poop Off Fabric

Posted by Catherine Bell on 5/11/08
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    On 1/14/08, Allen Foster wrote:
    > I have a 2 year old Quaker and I never got his wings
    > clipped. Therefore, he has some free reign of the house
    > to some degree and getting his wings clipped at this point
    > would be cruel. I need help getting Quaker poop off of my
    > lamp shades. I've tried Oxiclean but that didn't seem to
    > help. Any suggestions????
    Hi there, my name is Catherine and I live in Sudbury Ontario
    Canada. I hope I can help with you Quaker Poop problem.
    Here goes....mix about 40 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract
    in a spray bottle........spray on the area needing cleaning
    let soak a few minutes and wipe clean. I have found this
    procuct very good. It kills bacteria and is none toxic to
    birds. I clean all my cages with it and use it in my steam
    cleaner on my carpets. The extract is avaiable at most
    health food stores. Good luck