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Re: Can you tame a 4 yr old quaker??

Posted by Verdell on 2/06/08
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    On 2/03/08, Mrs. Ortiz wrote:
    > PLEASE HELP???????????
    >>We got Priscilla about four years ago. The pet store
    thought she was 2 or 3 years old. The ownwers didn't want
    her anymore. She was sweet at the store, but we got her home
    and it was Dr. Jekel and Mr. Hyde. She would nip at me but
    hated my roommate.She would bite and draw blood. I took her
    to the Vet the next day and he gave me behavior mod info. It
    helped. We ingored the bad behavior and let ther have her
    space till she got used to us. She particularly did not like
    my roommate. One day he walked by her to go change clothes
    in the bedroom. She hopped off her cage, stomped down the
    long hall, went into the bedroom and bit his big toe. I
    never laughed so hard. Needless to say it was tense for a
    while but now they are inseparable. She rides on his
    shoulder, falls asleep in his shirt, takes a bath with him
    and is so lovable she gives kisses. It just took about six
    months of letting her get used to us. So don't give up, a
    rehomed bird just needs to know its loved. Good Luck