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Re: new quaker

Posted by Quincy Quaker on 2/24/08
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    On 2/24/08, bilzarkz wrote:
    > there are no new posts for 11 days on this board, so I'll
    > post one.
    > I just bought a quaker for $150, 8 months old...the lady
    > said her son was allergic. After getting the baby home, I
    > realized why they really got rid of him. He is spoiled
    > rotten. He screams when you are not in the same room with
    > him. I ham slowly breaking him of this habit, of course
    > ignoring him, and then reentering the room after he calms
    > down. Just love that people make excuses for the fact
    > that they dont know how to care for an amimal. They only
    > had him 2 months. They did seem like nice people though.

    Here's a novel about the son is allergic to the
    bird and the bird is spoiled rotten?

    Did someone hold a gun to your head and make you buy the bird?

    FYI...rarely is a bird sale as it appears. You take a chance
    when you get a second hand bird. Some are good, others are

    With your vast knowledge, I'm sure you'll have him corrected
    and flying straight in no time.