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Post: Can they be tame again?

Posted by Samantha Tuley on 3/07/08

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    I am debating on whether or not to sell my precious quakers,
    and I need some info. Nine years ago, I bought my first
    quaker and absolutely fell in love with her. She was only
    three months old and bonded to me right away. We were
    inseparable for years, until, in 2003, I became pregnant.
    She seemed to sense it and even though I tried to keep her
    close to me as always, she started biting me more and more
    to the point that she seemed she did not want anything to do
    with me. So I bought a second young quaker, hoping he would
    keep her company after I had my baby and would be unable to
    spend as much time with her as I would like. Well, she is
    still mean, and as for the male, he likes to pretend to be
    mean in the cage, but, once he is out, he is a big baby and
    hides his head in the palm of my hand. But Devi (the female)
    wants nothing to do with me at all. I still love them very
    very much, but I am afraid I am not, or can not, give her
    the attention she needs. Can I ever tame her again and make
    her love me and be bonded to me like she used to without
    leaving scars on my fingers and face (she bites my face when
    on my shoulder)?

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