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Re: Quakers won't lay eggs

Posted by Connie on 5/09/08
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    How long have you had them? Have you moved them lately?
    Changes often affect the way birds feel about everything.
    They don't usually like change, it tends to affect them,
    really. It's weird but I know a lady who has oodles of cages
    (we live on the east coast) and some of them won't do
    anything. I bring them to my aviary for awhile and the next
    thing you know, she's popping them out every other day.
    Also, Quakers can be very shy too. Put them where they're
    not exposed to other breeders or can have privacy. Seems to
    work for mine... Connie

    On 5/01/08, Connie wrote:
    > DNA sexed quakers havn't laid eggs for two years. What
    > could be wrong? HELP