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Re: Baby monk parakeet

Posted by Connie on 5/24/08
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    I had a young bird that was splay legged and I sought info
    about it. I was told that sometimes the mother bird will lay
    on it so much that their little legs will spread out.
    Fortunately, mine was only 1 leg and she is still like that
    but gets around just as well as the others because she
    wanted to get around. Your bird has both splayed legs. The
    bird may or may not ever get up and walk but it will find a
    way to get around. You are gonna just have to wait and see
    and let it do for itslef. Sometimes life isn't fair and
    sometimes the mother will lay on one of them. At least she
    didn't sufficate it or kill it some other way. Give the bird
    some time and try and let him do his thing. Give him love
    and pray for him to find his way to get around. I believe
    that he will.

    On 5/22/08, travis wrote:
    > I have a green and blue monk parakeet, the green one laid
    > eggs again for the 2nd time, and we have 3 babies now. all
    > of them are feathered now, two of them can climb and walk
    > around fine but the last one isn't walking, he is always on
    > his stomach spread eagle, sometimes pushing himself up but
    > never really getting both of his legs under him. Is this
    > common? anything we can do to help? Thanks