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Re: Baby monk parakeet

Posted by Connie on 5/26/08
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    You must have been named after her. From what I've read, she was an inventor
    too. I have no qualms with you. I'm a strong woman and I see that you are too.
    This has completely gotten out of hand. So, I'll be the first to make peace.

    On 5/26/08, Hedly Lamar wrote:
    > On 5/26/08, Connie wrote:
    >> By the way... the actress's name was Hedy Lamarr. Coincidence or can't
    >> spell.
    > Sorry Dear but this is the way MY name is spelled. Hedly Lamar......DON'T
    > MAKE ASSUMPTIONS. You should check your own spelling before posting
    >> On 5/25/08, Hedly Lamar wrote:
    >>> On 5/25/08, Connie wrote:
    >>>> Travis, Do what you tink is rite and forgit peple who are rude.
    >>>> This chat is suposed to be a nice one and you shud do what you feal
    >>>> is rite. Take her advice and try the splint method, it's worth that.
    >>>> If it dosn't work, then lov the litle one anyway. We are not
    >>>> perfict and somtimes what works for juan does not work for anoter. I,
    >>>> personaly wish you and your litle one the best and will say a prayor
    >>>> for you. God bles, Connie
    >>> AGAIN.......
    >>> This problem is easily fixed. Boo on you for not fixing it in a
    >>> timely manner. Don't breed if you don't know what you are doing. That
    >>> goes for your birds AND YOU.
    >>>> On 5/25/08, Connie wrote:
    >>>>> Boo on you for criticizing me and what I do with my birds. Who do
    >>>>> you think you are by being mean to others? I did do it in a timely
    >>>>> manner and it did not work. Who are you to tell me not to breed? You
    >>>>> are a very ugly person. Travis should do what he think is right. If
    >>>>> the taping works great. But don't go acting like a Miss Know - it -
    >>>>> all and telling people things in a cruel manner! This is not what
    >>>>> this chat is all about or are you too vain to see that?!
    >>>>>> On 5/24/08, Connie wrote:
    >>>>>>> Taping them up didn't work for mine. We tried that when it was a
    >>>>>>> couple months old and let it stay for awhile and when we took
    >>>>>>> the tape off, they were still splayed. But, hey.. what have you
    >>>>>>> got to lose?
    >>>>> On 5/25/08, Hedly Lamar wrote:
    >>>>>> This problem is easily fixed. Boo on you for not fixing it in a
    >>>>>> timely manner. Don't breed if you don't know what you are doing.
    >>>>>> That goes for your birds AND YOU.
    >>>>>>> On 5/24/08, Hedly Lamar wrote:
    >>>>>>>> On 5/24/08, Connie wrote:
    >>>>>>>>> I had a young bird that was splay legged and I sought info
    >>>>>>>>> about it. I was told that sometimes the mother bird will lay
    >>>>>>>>> on it so much that their little legs will spread out.
    >>>>>>>>> Fortunately, mine was only 1 leg and she is still like that
    >>>>>>>>> but gets around just as well as the others because she
    >>>>>>>>> wanted to get around. Your bird has both splayed legs. The
    >>>>>>>>> bird may or may not ever get up and walk but it will find a
    >>>>>>>>> way to get around. You are gonna just have to wait and see
    >>>>>>>>> and let it do for itslef. Sometimes life isn't fair and
    >>>>>>>>> sometimes the mother will lay on one of them. At least she
    >>>>>>>>> didn't sufficate it or kill it some other way. Give the bird
    >>>>>>>>> some time and try and let him do his thing. Give him love
    >>>>>>>>> and pray for him to find his way to get around. I believe
    >>>>>>>>> that he will.
    >>>>>>>>> On 5/22/08, travis wrote:
    >>>>>>>>>> I have a green and blue monk parakeet, the green one laid
    >>>>>>>>>> eggs again for the 2nd time, and we have 3 babies now. all
    >>>>>>>>>> of them are feathered now, two of them can climb and walk
    >>>>>>>>>> around fine but the last one isn't walking, he is always on
    >>>>>>>>>> his stomach spread eagle, sometimes pushing himself up but
    >>>>>>>>>> never really getting both of his legs under him. Is this
    >>>>>>>>>> common? anything we can do to help? Thanks
    >>>>>>>> Spayed legs are easily fixed. Take the bird to an experianced
    >>>>>>>> avian vet and get them fixed. If you don't at least try then
    >>>>>>>> you will have to live knowing that you didn't even try to help
    >>>>>>>> that little one. Spend a couple of dollars. Geez I can tape
    >>>>>>>> them up in about 3 minutes. After 2 weeks they are fine. Do
    >>>>>>>> it now before it gets too old.