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Re: Baby monk parakeet

Posted by Rodney on 9/29/08
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    On 5/22/08, travis wrote:
    > I have a green and blue monk parakeet, the green one laid
    > eggs again for the 2nd time, and we have 3 babies now. all
    > of them are feathered now, two of them can climb and walk
    > around fine but the last one isn't walking, he is always on
    > his stomach spread eagle, sometimes pushing himself up but
    > never really getting both of his legs under him. Is this
    > common? anything we can do to help? Thanks
    Splayed leg can be a result of the mom bird clutching to
    tightly or it can be caused by the wrong substraight used for
    nesting materials. I have successfully treated this problem
    on several occasions by placing a thin strong sponge that has
    holes slit in at the proper location. This will gently pull
    the legs into a more normal position. The trick is to catch
    this problem very early. If the bird is more that 6 weeks
    old then this will not work. You can also use tape to pull
    and hold the splayed legs in a more normal position. It
    should be left on the bird for a mininum of 2 weeks. You can
    tell if it is working when the bird begins to walk around
    with the sponge or tape in place. Good luck to you and your
    little quaker. Rodney