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Re: wing clipping

Posted by Connie on 6/09/08
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    On 6/09/08, Connie wrote:
    > You can probably pay the pet shop a few dollars to do it
    > but I do my own birds. (I hope you can understand this. It's
    > hard to discribe but try and work with me here...)
    > I take my left hand and scissor shape (middle & pointer
    > fingers) my left hand to the back of his head and turn him
    > over on his back. (This is also called the "Dominant
    > Position".) This way, he can move his head without getting
    > hurt and without biting you if you are careful, show no fear
    > and take your time. Then I take my right hand and pull out
    > the first 3-4 flight feathers ONLY, hold them out until you
    > see those long flight feathers. They are usually darker blue
    > and underneath his wing feathers. You can also include this
    hold with what's left unused of your left hand to hold them
    there. With your right hand, while you have them spread
    > out, holding with your left hand, trim only the first 3-4.
    Repeat on the other side. He won't like it but mine are used
    to it by now. Do NOT cut them too short. Maybe the shortest
    being even with his very bottom wing length. I do not use
    anything to cover them because with my birds, the towel just
    freaks them out. Others may do this but I don't need to.
    > I know it sounds hard but it's really not and it works. I
    > trim all of mine and other bird mommys' too and it gets
    > easier each time. I've been doing it for 10 years and it's
    not a problem. If you are scared, I can try and help you
    > or you can go to the pet shop and watch carefully and do it
    > yourself the next time. Always remember one thing, if you
    own a bird, there are 2 things that will happen at least once
    or more... you will get nipped or bit and you will get pooped
    on. By the way, 2 of my birds are potty trained, so I have no
    fear of what must be done and they don't get mad at me. Good
    luck to you and God Bless...
    > Connie
    > On 6/08/08, debi wrote:
    >> what are your suggestions for the easiest way to cover a
    >> quaker when you are trying to clip his wings? he is blue
    >> and i have only had him for about 6 months and his wings
    >> need to be trimmed again.
    >> thank you for any tips