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Re: Hurt Foot

Posted by Rodney on 9/29/08
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    On 6/19/08, VJ wrote:
    > My quaker hurt his foot two days ago. There's times he
    > favors it but he'll use it to grip my finger but holds it
    > up when perching. The vet said nothing broke , just needs
    > to rest it. I'm quite concerned because he won't hold his
    > pellets because it's sore. Any advise on how to get him to
    > eat?
    I hope you Q is doing well now since it has been a couple of
    weeks since you post. I hope you found out that your baby
    will be a little happier if you feed s/he the pellets by hand
    until the foot has healed. They love the attention and it
    can't hurt anything either. Rodney