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Re: chewing feet

Posted by Connie on 6/25/08
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    I have to ask.. Why was your birds foot bleeding? Did you
    see him hurt himself or was it just bleeding upon discovery?
    It's probably just sore and needs some time to heal. If your
    foot was bleeding and it hurt, you wouldn't feel like
    standing on it either and would probably want to sleep. If
    it continues and doesn't get better in a few days, take him
    to a vet who does birds (some actually do birds, mine does)
    and let him check him out, with him getting get a blood or
    feather sample. It could be onstages of something else. My
    guess is the little guy's foot is just probably sore. Give
    him some time. Check his nails and see if they're way too
    long and in a circular motion growing too fast.. If that's
    the case, clip them alittle. If they continue to go at that
    rapid rate, then take him to the vet for feather or blood
    testing to make sure he doesn't have PBFD. Connie

    On 6/24/08, VJ wrote:
    > I thought my quaker hurt his foot the other day cause one
    > of his nails was bleeding. Got that stopped now all he does
    > is chew his feet. Seems like he doesn't have good grip in
    > them either. Doing alot of sleeping when not obessed with
    > chewing or picking. Any advise would be helpful.