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Post: Looking for a Green Quaker

Posted by Noah Davis on 11/23/08

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    Hi, my name is Noah Davis. I am looking for a green quaker
    (doesn't have to be split to blue). I have owned parrotlets
    in the past, and after recently meeting a quaker, I decided
    to take steps to own one. I would prefer a young, sociable
    bird. I'm asking for green not because they typically run
    cheaper, but because I love the color green (just thought I
    would clarify). Gender isn't as important to me, but I've
    always been fond of male pets (could just be a guy thing),
    but like I said, gender really doesn't matter.

    I live in Central Ohio, but would be willing to take a
    drive (especially if the price is reasonable).

    Please contact me if you even just know of somewhere to go
    or breeders to contact.

    Thank you all for your time!


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