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Re: bands on baby quakers

Posted by laura on 1/10/09
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    On 1/10/09, charlotte in indiana wrote:
    > hi
    > could someone refresh my mind for how old quaker babies
    > are for when you band them ? thanks

    Banding any bird depends on how the foot is developing.
    Some species, and more specifically individual birds, grow at
    different rates.
    You could band as early as 10 days or well over two weeks or
    You want the foot to be small enough to accept the band, yet
    big enough so that it will stay on the leg even when the bird
    contracts the toes.
    Should the joint that attach's the toes become a little too
    large, lubricate the foot with Vaseline or cooking oil, being
    careful to not use too much so that it gets on the developing