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Re: noise

Posted by Connie on 2/03/09
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    She's lonely and she will bark until she learns how to talk.
    She is not getting the attention she needs. Buy her another
    bird for a friend. Just do not put them in the same cage
    ever. Next, get them a playstand so they can play together
    and be friends. If stands are too expensive.. go to your
    local Wmart and get one of those wooden clothes drying racks
    and put some paper under it, put some bird toys on it and
    there you go! The idea of not putting them in the same cage
    is that they will fall in love with each other, most of the
    time and forget you. So, keep them side by side, each in
    their own cage all day so they don't get lonely and then let
    them play together on the playstand. I have a Jenday Conure
    beside my Blue Quaker and they are buddies but both will
    still cuddle up with me and talk to me. I wouldn't take a
    million dollars for either one of them. They are my yen and
    yang. Good luck to you. Connie

    On 1/29/09, Diana wrote:
    > I can't have my parrot out a lot of the time and she gets
    > very noisy. I really love her, but i am gone a large part
    > the day and my husband is home. He is not an animal lover
    > and her constant squawking drives him nuts. Also, she
    > doesn't let anyone but me hold her. Is there a special kind
    > of music that I can play or anything I can do to keep her
    > entertained and quieter?

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