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Re: quaker parrot hurt leg

Posted by Connie on 3/06/09
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    Hi Joni... I wouldn't do anything else. You worrying isn't
    gonna help. Just let nature take it's course. You've already
    taken him to the vet. Your Quaker will heel himself and will
    put his weight on his leg as he feels comfortable doing so.
    He will be alright. Just be patient and let him do his own
    thing. Connie

    On 3/03/09, joni arnold wrote:
    > my quaker has a hurt ? leg . took him to vet. vet says
    > not broken so put him on anti-inflammatories for 7 days,
    > still not putting weight on the leg. do not want to take
    > him back to vet for x rays etc ( stress) unless have to.
    > any ideas? he is eating and acting fine ... just
    > the "limp"