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Re: quaker parrot hurt leg

Posted by joni arnold on 3/06/09
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    On 3/06/09, Connie wrote:
    > Hi Joni... I wouldn't do anything else. You worrying isn't
    > gonna help. Just let nature take it's course. You've already
    > taken him to the vet. Your Quaker will heel himself and will
    > put his weight on his leg as he feels comfortable doing so.
    > He will be alright. Just be patient and let him do his own
    > thing. Connie
    > thanks connie . i am still worried but he seems happy and
    normal . it is going on 2 weeks for the limp. i hope you are
    right and he heals himself.
    > On 3/03/09, joni arnold wrote:
    >> my quaker has a hurt ? leg . took him to vet. vet says
    >> not broken so put him on anti-inflammatories for 7 days,
    >> still not putting weight on the leg. do not want to take
    >> him back to vet for x rays etc ( stress) unless have to.
    >> any ideas? he is eating and acting fine ... just
    >> the "limp"