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Re: Quaker Parrot.

Posted by Connie on 3/13/09
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    Hi Robert.... I'm into Conures and when I wanted to get a
    Quaker, everyone told me the same thing. Of course, Quakers
    and Conures are nearly the same size. I didn't listen to any
    of those negative people. I listened to my heart and got my
    Quaker and now he and my conure are best pals. Never put 2
    birds in the same cage unless you want them to "buddy up" to
    each other because they will forget you. Also, since your
    African Grey is bigger than the Quaker, you must never put
    them in the same cage as the Grey would probably hurt the
    Quaker. What you should do is get another cage and put them
    side by side and let them bond. It will take awhile,
    depending on the birds. After they have bonded, then you can
    put them on stands, side by side and let them get acquainted
    that way. The size is what I would be concerned about, since
    the Grey is bigger than the Quaker. Over a period of time,
    it can be done. Also, remember that the Grey is mature and
    will live a long time. If you get a baby Quaker, he is apt
    to get hurt if unattended and not in his cage. You will have
    to bond with the little Quaker yourself too, being careful
    not to make the older Grey jealous. It will be a chore but
    worth it if you have the time and patience. Lots of luck to
    you. Mine are great. They stay in separate cages but play
    together on the same playstand... God Bless, Connie

    On 3/08/09, Robert wrote:
    > Yes I have a African Grey female I have had for thirty
    > years.I want to get a Quaker Parrot to keep my Grey
    > company. I just went to a bird show on 3-7-09 in Tulsa,OK.
    > and I keep getting neg. answers on the Quaker. I was told
    > they will not get along with other species of birds such
    > African Greys and Amazons. Will someone please give me the
    > hard bottom line Facts about Quakers. Can they get along
    > with another bird in a seperate cage and/or in the same
    > large cage? I need to know before I buy a Quaker Parrot.
    > Thanks for you help.