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Re: Quaker Parrot.

Posted by Verdell on 4/05/09
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    On 3/13/09, Connie wrote:
    > I have two love birds, a Quaker and a Scarlet Macaw. The
    Quaker isn't scared of anything. One of the love birds is
    in "love" with her but she just hates him. She hasn't hurt him
    but she acts like she's going to nip him, then he leaves her
    alone for a while. There is not much difference in size. The
    SM however is a different story. She went after him once.
    Fortunately he was setting on my arm and was able to pull him
    away. I'm sure if he wouldn't have been so shocked and I
    hadn't acted so quickly the results would have been
    disastrous. Quakers are great birds but they are not scared of
    anything. When I first get her my roommate ignored her when
    she wanted to be picked up. She hopped off her cage stomped
    all the way across our big house and bit him on his toe. I
    about died laughing, but the point is you can have a Quaker
    and a CAG but don't let them alone together because the Quaker
    thinks they are the King or Queen of the roost and aren't
    scared to defend it. Good Luck