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Post: Lost Quaker Parrot

Posted by Retta Calloway on 4/21/09

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    I lost my quaker parrot a few days ago on the 19th, In
    pueblo/pueblo west Colorado. His name is Reno and he is
    two years old, he is banded but I don't know his band
    nunber, he is mostly green on top, has white and grey
    feather on his chest and blueish feathers under his wings,
    his wings aren't clipped, he's shy and jumpy around people
    he doesn't know, he loves grapes. His favorite sayings
    are "a foot" "foot foot foot" "my foot" "im a good
    boy" "mmm!" if he sees anything he likes or wants. He
    blows kisses and makes little caughing noises a lot. If
    found please contact me at 719-994-0242 my name is Retta

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