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Re: Alfalfa and timothy for birds?

Posted by Brit on 5/25/09
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    Thanks for the quick response Mr. Green Jeans:) Just wanted to
    make sure:)

    On 5/25/09, Mr. Green Jeans wrote:
    > On 5/24/09, Brit wrote:
    >> Has anyone ever heard of or given their birds (I have
    >> Quakers) Alfalfa? I was looking for a nest box or nesting
    >> material for my pair of quakers (since they are colony birds
    >> and like to make their own nests) Drs. Foster and Smith has
    >> the above and says it is ok and healthy for birds? Anyone
    >> know if this is true? Thanks
    > Alfalfa and Timothy are both excellent for birds for nesting,
    > playing and eating (if they choose).
    > Quakers would especially love this to weave their nests.