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Re: Quaker's Beak

Posted by GreenLady on 10/20/09
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    Your bird may or may not have a problem. Beaks on birds vary
    from bird to bird. What may appear long to you is possibly
    quite normal for the species.
    If the beak is seriously overgrown, it could be an indication
    of an underlying health problem. Liver disease is one that
    comes to mind.
    Ask your vet about the beak, but remember...once you start
    trimming a beak it is a life long commitment. Don't start if
    it isn't necessary. If you've ruled out health concerns and
    the birds is eating and drinking normally and the beak is not
    causing a physical problem for the bird, let it alone.
    Provide your bird with abrasive toys and perches so they he
    may naturally trim his beak.

    On 10/19/09, Janet wrote:
    > I have a Quaker that is 7 years old, his beak doesn't look
    > right and I am not sure what to do. The top part looks too
    > long, but because I have never dealt with this before, I am
    > not sure there is an issu or not. I have a vet that trims
    > his wings and toenails, but he is not an avian vet. Would
    > this be something he could handle? Thanks in advance for
    > your input.