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Post: Lost Green Quaker Parrot

Posted by Sandra Hudeck or Brett Barrett on 7/01/10

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    My quaker parrot accidently flew out the door on Sunday
    June 27, 2010. His name is Mojo. He was lost in
    Houston,Texas at N. Eldridge Pkwy and West Rd in the area
    of 290W and Hwy 6. He has picked the right side of his
    face so he has some feather loss mostly below the right
    eye. He has a band on his leg with the #72, my husband
    saids the # is 172. That may be, my close up vision sucks.
    He is socialized and responds to the human voice.He talks
    and sings songs. He might repeat words like "come see me,
    come here, and step up". If you see him and can get close
    enough throw a towel over him and pick up. This is the
    best way to capture him, for he tends to bite strangers
    when agitated or scared and we aren't around.

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