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Post: Lost green Quaker- houston, texas area

Posted by Edite on 8/20/10

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    My quaker parrot accidentally got out of the house on August
    7th in Deer Park (East-Southeast Houston).

    She is green with a band on her right foot. She is green
    from the back and gray from the front with blue flight
    feathers, and a yellow-orange hookbill (hooked beak). She
    screams, mumbles, whistles, and laughs.

    Please report possible sightings. REWARD to anyone who
    captures and returns her to her family who loves and missed
    her very much. Please do not try to keep her as your own, we
    know everything about her and are the best suited people to
    care for her. If you have fallen in love with her and feel
    you can not give her up, know that you will never love her
    as much as we do. I would buy you a new, hand fed baby
    quaker that you can train as your own if this is the case.
    I just want my baby back.

    She may be wary of strangers.

    ANY help is appreciated. Thank you. Edite 281-827-9504 or

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