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Post: getting back your quaker

Posted by Pat on 10/01/10

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    I too watched my 18mo old quaker fly out my open screen
    door. I did, nor do I think knew he could fly, it was his
    first flight. I live on acreage, near the ocean, with
    endless wildlife and green trees and grass bogs, I went
    after him, and for nearly 12 hrs. I called his name.
    During 6 of the 12 hrs he slept outside. It rained that
    night, but the sun was out that morning, my neighbors were
    on alert for my bird and called me early to tell me they
    thought they heard a "sqwuaking" in their backyard (one
    away from mine, but we shared a tree line so Iwent back
    there and started calling his name and to "step up", he
    should have been hungry, wet, and wanting human
    contact...but mostly hungry, I heard him "holler", he flew
    out of the tree at me and hooked a right about 20ft in
    front of me caught in a big blast of wind...gone! again, I
    ran and yelling his name all the way, my husband handed me
    some "yam" sticks his favorite as I ran past our house and
    down the road toward the forested state lands. About 600
    yards down a dirt path that goes thru a swamp I yelled his
    name, then I heard him again we managed to come together,
    but, parrots cant fly in a straight line, its circular,
    and all that name yelling and his squawking in return lead
    me to him and him to me, however .... the wind kept
    grabiing him up just as we are about to touch. Again gone
    further down and deeper into the forest....My husband
    concerned I was gone so long, came looking for me, and
    followed my yelling, so yelled for me in the bog and the
    bird found him, and finally after two more failed attempts
    at flying in circles and landing close enough for a step
    up command my husband had him. I went to "cup" him up,
    the bird with yam stick in claw took off again!!!Yes he
    did.....45 min later and no yam stick other than the ones
    we held up until he flew close enought to land....he
    landed on Bobs shoulder....we walked home and into the
    house down the hall with shrill screams of excitement when
    he saw his go back to where you lost your
    bird, bring his cage load up with seed, and plan to say
    his name and step up until you and your neighbors think
    your nuts, if too much time has passed, he may have
    already found a friendly human that would feed him.....and
    call those neighbors, ask them to listen to any strange
    bird noises, we were able to track him, cause we couldnt
    hear him. Remember they dont fly in a straight line, and
    bring along something that is bright, like a yam stick.
    Oh and if you notice your bird is flying, teach him to fly
    on command, so he forgets to do it on his own....working
    on that with Stan. Had a dog that would climb a fence and
    disappear for the day, so we taught him to climb latters
    on command and fetch apples, ollyopp over the a held out
    leg, or a brick wall...he never did climb a fence after
    that...its starting to work with the parrot, but, my guys
    are young, and of course a good clipping is the true key.
    Hope this helps

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