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Re: blue quakers

Posted by charlotte cooper on 11/09/11
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    On 11/04/11, becky wrote:
    > What are you asking for your babies??
    > Where are you located?
    > crown point,Indiana 46307
    the blue are 400.00 including dna
    cinnamon blue red eyes including dna 550.00
    let me know if interested. my email is
    > On 10/24/11, charlotte wrote:
    >> On 9/21/11, Michael wrote:
    >>> looking for blue quaker babies and other mutation colors
    >>> (weaned or unweaned).
    >> hello
    >> I have a clutch of quakers if anyone is looking for
    >> blue,cinnamon or cinnamon blue. will be weaned around
    >> christmas time. email me at
    >> thanks charlotte