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Post: Looking to purchase Baby Quaker near NYC

Posted by Joshua Sandler on 2/05/12

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    I am looking to buy a baby quaker. I live in Bushwick
    Brooklyn. I have been thinking about buying a Quaker for
    some time now, and unfortunately my longtime pet parakeet
    Jeffery, who was always sitting on my shoulder or head and
    was generally the most amazing and affectionate pet bird
    one could ask for, passed away from a mystery illness this
    saturday. I could never replace Jeffery, but i think i need
    to find a new feathered companion and i think i would like
    it to be a Quaker parrot. The most important thing is that
    it is a bird i can train to be friendly and sociable. For
    this reason I am obviously looking for a baby. I am just at
    the beginning of my search and am am willing to wait for a
    new set of babies to be born if need be. I would really
    appreciate any help or advice on locating potential
    breeders and what to look for. I am willing to pay whatever
    the going price for a baby Quaker is.

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