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Re: Looking to purchase Baby Quaker near NYC

Posted by Allison on 5/02/12
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    There are two bird stores on Long Island. I got my Quaker from Parrots of the

    On 2/05/12, Joshua Sandler wrote:
    > I am looking to buy a baby quaker. I live in Bushwick
    > Brooklyn. I have been thinking about buying a Quaker for
    > some time now, and unfortunately my longtime pet parakeet
    > Jeffery, who was always sitting on my shoulder or head and
    > was generally the most amazing and affectionate pet bird
    > one could ask for, passed away from a mystery illness this
    > saturday. I could never replace Jeffery, but i think i need
    > to find a new feathered companion and i think i would like
    > it to be a Quaker parrot. The most important thing is that
    > it is a bird i can train to be friendly and sociable. For
    > this reason I am obviously looking for a baby. I am just at
    > the beginning of my search and am am willing to wait for a
    > new set of babies to be born if need be. I would really
    > appreciate any help or advice on locating potential
    > breeders and what to look for. I am willing to pay whatever
    > the going price for a baby Quaker is.