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Re: Quaker

Posted by LINDA ERO-JONES on 3/26/13
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    On 12/05/12, Emerald wrote:
    > Emerald is a loving little bird He talks quite a few words
    > but when he wants to. Emerald will be 7 years old on july
    > 4 and he loves women, he can get along with the right man
    > he does adjust well. he does have his daily routine of
    > getting up sometime before 9 and getting ucovered and
    > saying goodmorning and have toast and coffee with you. and
    > then take care of his room with fresh food and water and
    > snack and he is good for the rest of the day until you
    > want to play. if interested in Emerald call (618)214-9082

    Hi may ask what you are asking for him my name is linda 518-326-

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