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    Post: Need new home for my Quaker

    laura Eastburn

    Posted on 8/21/15
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    Kiwi is a two year old Quaker. Rescued him as a baby from a
    dorm at U.T.. My niece was a resident and concerned for
    him. Very inconsistent feeding, rest, and much harassment.
    She convinced the housekeeper to let me take him in. He is
    very healthy, a talker, very smart. I'm attempting to find
    a good home for him as I feel I am not doing him justice
    related to time to spend. He is semi tame. But he does
    bite, and I am not skilled enough to work with him. I have
    two much older and tame Tiels. I did well with them, but
    not as successful with Kiwi. Feel it's in Kiwi's best
    interest to find him a great home while he is still young
    and capable of learning and becoming a wonderful pet. I can
    certainly provide detailed info as far as vocabulary,
    habits, feeding etc. when needed. He is a beauty and I am
    attached , enough to know he deserves better. Thank you for
    any assistance.

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