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Re: Merry Christmas( When getting Baptist)

Posted by electra on 12/13/06
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    be careful Paul...we are only vessels used for the masters
    Glory............we do not heal people.....he does and we
    are just a tool/vessel used for his purpose and his
    edification not ours.. Remember "I will share my glory with
    the only person i know raised people from the dead other
    than jesus was Howard Carver.....who mentored Lester
    Somerral....who mentored Rod Parsley....who mentored Paul
    Moore....who mentored me and alot of others. :)

    On 12/13/06, Pauljr wrote:
    > What usually happens after you become a Christian
    > youll gain something from Jesus some healing powers
    > some predictors for example. I received the predictor
    > blessing. The other night I was helping skarlet so we
    > gave him a reading. The response how in the world did
    > you know that no way you could have known
    > I was laughing with Jesus the entire time too.
    > What Jesus told me about that is I healed people
    > in front of everybody and people still did not believe
    > I even raised from the dead and people had another excuse
    > like he was never dead.
    > Merry Christmas
    > Pauljr