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Re: Merry Christmas( When getting Baptist)

Posted by Pauljr on 12/13/06
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    He does all the magic its through how strong the
    faith is in the receiver.

    We chat often electra he actually has humor bigtime!

    (example) i told him ok im ready for my next relationship
    and you choose who you want...maybe 30 min past buy this
    90 year old lady walks up to me and asked if I was married
    and avail and she pinched my cheek telling me how handsome
    I was...I looked up would you believe the entire heaven
    was laughing at me...God told me next time be more specific..


    On 12/13/06, electra wrote:
    > be careful Paul...we are only vessels used for the masters
    > Glory............we do not heal people.....he does and we
    > are just a tool/vessel used for his purpose and his
    > edification not ours.. Remember "I will share my glory with
    > man."
    > the only person i know raised people from the dead other
    > than jesus was Howard Carver.....who mentored Lester
    > Somerral....who mentored Rod Parsley....who mentored Paul
    > Moore....who mentored me and alot of others. :)
    > On 12/13/06, Pauljr wrote:
    >> What usually happens after you become a Christian
    >> youll gain something from Jesus some healing powers
    >> some predictors for example. I received the predictor
    >> blessing. The other night I was helping skarlet so we
    >> gave him a reading. The response how in the world did
    >> you know that no way you could have known
    >> I was laughing with Jesus the entire time too.
    >> What Jesus told me about that is I healed people
    >> in front of everybody and people still did not believe
    >> I even raised from the dead and people had another excuse
    >> like he was never dead.
    >> Merry Christmas
    >> Pauljr