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Re: curley(very impressive) Paul

Posted by Pauljr on 12/13/06
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    On 12/13/06, Elizabeth wrote:
    > On 12/13/06, Pauljr wrote:
    >> People that are doing do well dont insult others
    >> when things are going good we encourage others to
    >> do better.hint more beta carotene with the hynacinth
    >> and more greens in the diet...what ya want to do is
    >> mix greens in a blender kale,and dark greens add to corn
    >> bread. wings should be tight not dropping and color dark
    >> blue. drooping wings is a sign of lack of greens or vitamin
    >> Bs and color lack of A or beta carotene.....youll see a
    >> huge differance. another easy way daily essentials 2 from
    >> bird care company for the carotene. Macaws hate greens
    >> so my cornbread diet will work wonders...
    >> Pauljr
    > Paul,
    > How do mine look? Need anything? Help me, please!


    the beak shows another sign layered beak. The beak should
    be solid no peeling or layers, The one bird shows the slight
    sign of 1 layer...lacking vitamin A but not bad for a macaw