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Re: electra

Posted by Debby on 12/14/06
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    electra, I have 6 macaws, they are 2 Blue and Golds, Prissy and
    Dexter, 1 Scarlet Macaw, named Ralphie (hes such a ham), 1 military
    Macaw named Jazz, a Catalina named Sassy, and my big Hyacinth Macaw.
    I also have 2 African Greys, 1 Swainsons Toucan, 1 blue crown
    conure, 1 Alexandrian Ringneck, 1 african ringneck, and 1 blue
    ringneck. I also have a white face cockatiel that is a riot, he
    whistles the andy griffith tune, Happy days are here again, and
    Hippoponumus for Christmas, don't know if you ever heard that. Hes a
    great talker.

    So that is my flock, takes alot of time to care for them. Opps
    almost forgot, my nephew just gave me a Solomon Island Eclectus on
    Sunday, he is 4, and he works so much he didn't have the time for
    him. He has chewed his feathers I guess from being alone, so we are
    bathing everyday, giving him fresh fruits and veggies, and he is
    doing very well.

    What do you have electra?


    > paul;
    > i don't recall ever actually having much bird chats with
    > you..........funny with this bein birdmart and all. :) what
    > birds do u currently own???
    > everyone what birds do you own or work with???
    > On 12/13/06, Pauljr wrote:
    >> On 12/13/06, Elizabeth wrote:
    >>> On 12/13/06, Pauljr wrote:
    >>>> People that are doing do well dont insult others
    >>>> when things are going good we encourage others to
    >>>> do better.hint more beta carotene with the hynacinth
    >>>> and more greens in the diet...what ya want to do is
    >>>> mix greens in a blender kale,and dark greens add to corn
    >>>> bread. wings should be tight not dropping and color dark
    >>>> blue. drooping wings is a sign of lack of greens or vitamin
    >>>> Bs and color lack of A or beta carotene.....youll see a
    >>>> huge differance. another easy way daily essentials 2 from
    >>>> bird care company for the carotene. Macaws hate greens
    >>>> so my cornbread diet will work wonders...
    >>>> Pauljr
    >>> Paul,
    >>> How do mine look? Need anything? Help me, please!
    >> Curley,
    >> the beak shows another sign layered beak. The beak should
    >> be solid no peeling or layers, The one bird shows the slight
    >> sign of 1 layer...lacking vitamin A but not bad for a macaw
    >> Pauljr