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Re: Macaws (folks)/Paul

Posted by Debby on 12/14/06
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    Thanks Paul, I appreciate you saying that. I try hard. It is alot
    of times trial and error, but I think knowledge, reading books,
    internet, talking to people who have years of experience are the
    greatest asset when it comes to taking care of your birds.

    Still have to get that picture downloaded of my
    Swainson's.....just had surgery lately, so Im a bit slow. I
    promise to get it up...


    > I always told you your birds look great!Your also a natural
    > diet feeder way ahead of the game.
    > #1 you will learn with diet changes and how it affects your
    > birds appearance and this allows you to make adjustments
    > Pauljr
    > On 12/14/06, Debby wrote:
    >> Paul, my macaws must be an exception to that rule. They love
    >> their greens, and I have no problem getting them to eat them!
    >> Debby
    >>> no way around greens blended in the cornbread routine
    >>> they dont like greens as most birds dont but macaws are
    >>> bad go high in kale and brocolli daily in the bread.
    >>> dont fall behind hard to catch up the only way to catch
    >>> up is daily essentials 2 in the water for 30 days or
    >>> much hassle
    >>> Pauljr