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Re: Curley

Posted by Pauljr on 12/14/06
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    On 12/14/06, Curly wrote:
    > On 12/14/06, Pauljr wrote:
    >> I hope i didnt insult you with your babies but then again
    >> people landed saying those are not your babies anyway.
    >> I hope you learn to like my music from now on..hahahahaa
    >> Pauljr
    > No problem Paul. Those are young babies and Im sure when you
    > look at them and realize this fact, that you will also
    > realize that they are in terrific shape. Their feathers
    > aren't plucked they are still growing in and the crop area
    > is the last to fill in. The beaks are freakin new so there
    > is no scaling whatsoever. I have raised many Hys and almost
    > 600 of other macaws and maybe close to 1400 other large
    > birds. I never bred little birds. I know the quality of my
    > breeding stock. I actually dont want to go into too much
    > detail here as I need to preserve my privacy and for
    > security reasons. I imagine you can understand that. Let me
    > say one thing tho..........I agree that you have to educate
    > ppl and to always do the right thing for the birds and
    > always be honest and nature will reward you. To date I have
    > had 6 hys [breeders and pets] flat out given to me. I also
    > have several other pairs of hys. If no one wants to believe
    > me, well then, so be it. I really don't care. I'm just gona
    > die and leave them to my son. BTW, he's your age. So all the
    > birdmart ppl can attack my post now, cuz I'm done, and I
    > won't be responding to any stupid bantor. lol

    What a great accomplishment hatching out hyacinths!

    I cant even hatch a quail egg if my life depended on it!lol

    I was talking to amado we were talking about african greys
    and all the culls being past around. I said yep and I bought
    all of them if theirs a pair of culls ill find

    lets look on the bright side most of my greys I purchased
    not long ago and leadbeaters are only 4 years old now.