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Re: Curley

Posted by Pauljr on 12/14/06
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    On 12/14/06, GlowDella wrote:
    > On 12/14/06, Curly wrote:
    > I actually dont want to go into too much
    >> detail here as I need to preserve my privacy and for
    >> security reasons. I imagine you can understand that.
    > If no one wants to believe
    >> me, well then, so be it. I really don't care. I'm just gona
    >> die and leave them to my son. BTW, he's your age. So all the
    >> birdmart ppl can attack my post now, cuz I'm done, and I
    >> won't be responding to any stupid bantor. lol
    > You're right, Curly, I don't believe you. If you want to
    > remain private...stay off Birdmart. Another wack job.

    I dont understand Why dont you believe her?