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Re: Curley

Posted by GlowDella on 12/15/06
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    >>> On 12/14/06, Curly wrote:
    and I
    >>>> won't be responding to any stupid bantor. lol
    > I have been here everyday for two years. Paul knows Ive been
    > lurking and posting very seldom. He kind of coaxed me to chat more
    > last nite and today. So in the past I have been very quiet. Hell
    > there arent too many ppl here to chat with that aren HATEFULL and
    > distrusting. Hint hint.

    And yet you cam back for that final hurrah. How sad.
    If you are who you say you are and you've amassed this grand and
    glorious flock of "private" birds, you should be a wealth of
    knowledge and information.
    Yet you NEVER contribute anything of actual bird value based upon
    your experience.
    you obviously are older if you have a son Paul's age. Again I say,
    you could fill these birds with such helpful hints and advice; and
    what do you do? Tell us how secretive you have to live! Now that's
    just pathetic, not to mention selfish.
    But hey! Pathetic is what Birdmart survives on these days.