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Re: Curley

Posted by Pauljr on 12/15/06
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    On 12/15/06, GlowDella wrote:
    >>>> On 12/14/06, Curly wrote:
    > and I
    >>>>> won't be responding to any stupid bantor. lol
    >> I have been here everyday for two years. Paul knows Ive been
    >> lurking and posting very seldom. He kind of coaxed me to chat more
    >> last nite and today. So in the past I have been very quiet. Hell
    >> there arent too many ppl here to chat with that aren HATEFULL and
    >> distrusting. Hint hint.
    > And yet you cam back for that final hurrah. How sad.
    > If you are who you say you are and you've amassed this grand and
    > glorious flock of "private" birds, you should be a wealth of
    > knowledge and information.
    > Yet you NEVER contribute anything of actual bird value based upon
    > your experience.
    > you obviously are older if you have a son Paul's age. Again I say,
    > you could fill these birds with such helpful hints and advice; and
    > what do you do? Tell us how secretive you have to live! Now that's
    > just pathetic, not to mention selfish.
    > But hey! Pathetic is what Birdmart survives on these days.

    The only person ive ever seen talk like that to a grandma
    is Donna aka known as on my chat as the piranna aka known
    on the internet as the BEAST....hahahahahahhahahaahaa

    Christmas Carole

    Grandma is getting run over by a raindeer blah blah