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Posted by gwen on 12/14/06
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    Thanks Paul.
    As far as Paco, he was plucked bald when we got him. We bought him 3 years
    ago. He was 10 when we got him and the only reason the man was selling him
    was because he didn't get enough attention and he started plucking. Him and
    his wife got a divorce so there was never anyone home w/ Paco. We took him to
    the vet but he said that he had plucked so long before we got him that most of
    his folicles were damaged beyond repair. Since we've had him he has let that
    little patch on his chest grow back and his wings and back are beautiful. He has
    not plucked in the 3 years since we've had him. I've always been terrified of my
    kids plucking so I watch REALLY close for anything abnormal when I'm cleaning
    cages and giving everyone baths. :)
    The quaker is much brighter in some other pics that I have but that was the only
    one I had on my computer. Eventually when I get some extra time I want to
    scan them and add the rest of the pics.

    Thanks for your imput!!

    On 12/14/06, Pauljr wrote:
    > I think everybody looks good accept paco the Blue and Gold
    > Macaw. I would check for parasites the next vet visit
    > doesnt mean go run tomorrow. I would add Kaytee Breeder
    > pellet to the diet this will cause feather growth much
    > faster then again he may pluck em out as they grow in.
    > The blue quaker looks like a fallow mutation but it
    > could be the camera flash also.

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