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Re: birdfinders got the congos( curley had a good idea)

Posted by Pauljr on 12/18/06
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    On 12/18/06, KittyJ wrote:
    > On 12/17/06, Pauljr wrote:
    >> Dave at birdfinder has 38 pair of proven congos and 14
    >> bonded pair forsale.....I doubt I can hold out much longer
    >> what a bad website to visit if your a bird addict!
    >> Santa just may make a detour with a stop in florida before
    >> heading for californy...hahaha
    >> Pauljr
    > If you get a pair all I have to say is luuucckyyyyy! LOL.

    I think curly has a good idea parent raising congos.

    Im always doing 3 things at once even in the shop if shop
    is slow ill push the used cars bringing them around to the
    front put for sale signs up ill get somebody to buy something
    never fails.

    When it comes to the birds and I come up with good idea
    or in this case curly...I just make it happen lets do
    this already. ohhhhh good grief my hosting website
    gona be named dont kid yourself
    people like me always have great cash flow and thinking
    how we can make mo money....