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Re: santas already crown/Paulj

Posted by For Fran on 12/21/06
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    On 12/21/06, Pauljr wrote:
    > On 12/21/06, Fran wrote:
    >> what did you do with the blue crowns you "trapped" in florida?
    > We paired them up and when I broke up with my girlfriend
    > she kept all of them. Real easy think up a story file
    > a restraining order and dont go through with the original
    > agreement on the separation..I just chose not to fight
    > it and start over with my life. The story continues
    > my ex brought in another partner and she got ripped
    > off for about 40k from the story shes telling others.
    > She also told the same story about her first partner
    > Lisa and myself i dont really believe the story im hearing
    > but then again what goes around comes around so it might
    > be true cause thats what she really did to me.
    > PaulJr

    Did you really think you were going to get an answer that would
    make any sense?