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Re: Helen( Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday)/Paul

Posted by Debby on 12/22/06
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    Paul, I think you have sweeten the pot dear. I had free
    tickets to see her when I was in Vegas last Christmas, and I
    stayed at the that is a hotel. Wowzer, you get
    lost in it and can't find your way till your ready to leave.

    On a note, Celine's show is spectaculor and a wonder to see.
    The effects are what makes the show! Have a great time, and
    don't miss that show!


    > I got free tickets to go see Celine Dion in Vegas
    > and 2 free nights and the Wynns Hotel and if you
    > dont respond im gona take a bombshell hooker instead.
    > PaulJr