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Re: Merry Christmas Christians

Posted by Helen Ann on 12/24/06
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    On 12/24/06, Pauljr wrote:
    > The birth of the Messiah, The Son of God we are all Gods
    > Children.God created Adam which makes us all his Children
    > but when Adam disobeyed God, messed it up for everybody
    > and put us on the other side of the mountain. God loved
    > us so much he created Christ in order to give us another
    > chance and a choice.When your baptist in the Holy Spirit
    > in the name of Jesus your returning back to Gods team and
    > untill then Satan has got you fooled.I love being on team
    > Christ so many rewards on this team compared to the other
    > team. When joining this team you can actually find Gods
    > will for your life.How do you know Gods will? When you
    > enjoy what you are doing and a happy person its Gods
    > will.When you wake up dreading another day on the job
    > cause your living out of Gods will. The first step is
    > to commit and dont deny what Christ did for you on the
    > cross, Hey the good news Christ already shedded his
    > blood on the cross for your sins so when you join team
    > Christ your forgiven for everything and a new life has
    > begun for you and your on the road to happiness.
    > Paul Jr

    Amen and testify! Merry Christmas Paul Jr.

    Helen Ann