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Re: Merry Christmas Christians

Posted by Kel on 12/24/06
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    Very well said. I appreciate reading this, unlike some of
    the bitterness and hatefulness in some of the other posts.
    I have Christ in my heart and am thankful everyday for
    everything he gives me and I don't forget the first gift he
    gave us of his son. You have a Merry Christmas as well.
    Hey if you haven't gotten over to Saddleback yet, Rick
    Warren is on all day today on the cable Fox News (not the
    local station). It was a great sermon last night.
    And Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all.

    On 12/24/06, Pauljr wrote:
    > The birth of the Messiah, The Son of God we are all Gods
    > Children.God created Adam which makes us all his Children
    > but when Adam disobeyed God, messed it up for everybody
    > and put us on the other side of the mountain. God loved
    > us so much he created Christ in order to give us another
    > chance and a choice.When your baptist in the Holy Spirit
    > in the name of Jesus your returning back to Gods team and
    > untill then Satan has got you fooled.I love being on team
    > Christ so many rewards on this team compared to the other
    > team. When joining this team you can actually find Gods
    > will for your life.How do you know Gods will? When you
    > enjoy what you are doing and a happy person its Gods
    > will.When you wake up dreading another day on the job
    > cause your living out of Gods will. The first step is
    > to commit and dont deny what Christ did for you on the
    > cross, Hey the good news Christ already shedded his
    > blood on the cross for your sins so when you join team
    > Christ your forgiven for everything and a new life has
    > begun for you and your on the road to happiness.
    > Paul Jr