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Post: I have now committed (ask and you shall receive)

Posted by Pauljr on 12/24/06

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    I have now committed and fiqured out Christ is the Messiah
    but nothing has happened yet (WHY) I have asked and I
    havent received anything yet.

    When asking for a blessing you must ask in the line of
    scripture and God will do his half. example

    I want to be a Doctor and I asked to be a Doctor but
    nothing is happening. when asking you got to do your
    part like make the call to the school and God will
    act to open the doors for you.

    People say, I have been making calls and doing everything
    I can possibly do but still nothing is happening.

    Before anything is gona happen in your favor you must be
    living in Gods will first. God has provided a book for
    you called The Holy Bible read it and find out what
    your doing wrong.


    Sam has asked to be a Doctor but Sam is living with his
    girlfriend out of wedlock thats out of Gods will, Gods
    hands are tied and cant help yet because he has rules
    that you must follow first. This is just an example
    of what Sam needs to change first before he will see
    Gods best.

    Christ healed and raised from the dead(HOW)

    Christ was living in Gods will as in perfect so whatever
    he asked for he received...The more your living in Gods
    will the more you can accomplish when using your mouth.


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