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Re: kel(purpose driven Christmas)

Posted by Kel on 12/25/06
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    On 12/24/06, PaulJr wrote:
    > Im watching Rick Warren purpose driven Christmas
    > very very Good hes quoting Scriptures and God
    > promises through Christ....incredible and true
    > Im prime example, 4 years ago I came home from
    > florida broke and no birds or anything today
    > I cant even list what I have today and its
    > growing daily...
    > The peace plan incredible
    > PaulJr

    Yes...I went to that service and listened to him in person.
    It was beautiful. I am proud to say that God is working in
    my life as well.
    He also helped my newest edition to the family. We ended up
    in the animal hospital because a family member opened up the
    cage door and my Bourke flew into the wall. He has his
    wings clipped but he is so light he can still fly pretty
    good. His cere started to bleed and I was devastated. My
    daughter started praying over this bird and cried all the
    way to the the end of the night the bird is
    ok, they stopped the bleeding and has a little bit of a
    concusion, just have to watch him. He's really tired. I
    feel horrible. I've never had this happen before. Thank
    God he's fine!