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Post: Crucified(2 years after )

Posted by Pauljr on 12/25/06

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    Whe come to the time 2 years after the death and the
    rising of Christ. Saul was a jewish activist and very
    active he ordered the death of the Christian followers
    as they went from city to city. The heavens opened up
    to Saul asking,Saul why are you persecuting my people
    Saul looked up and asked, Who are you replying Im
    Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah and the son of God.Saul
    saw Jesus standing next to God on the thrown. Saul after
    getting orders from Jesus went running to every town
    stop the persecution Jesus is the Messiah and the son
    of God Saul changed his name to Paul and thats how we
    get the Apostle Paul and Paul became the biggest Christian
    follower. When Christ was walking the earth he told his
    disciples he would return to get them but they didnt
    understand not in their lifetime on earth so time went buy
    maybe 4 decades as the disciples got older Paul asked them
    write everything down that Jesus told you, so each wrote
    a small book and thats how we get some of the books in the
    Bible today. Mathew , Mark , luke, John, James , Peter


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