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Re: debby (question)

Posted by KittyJ on 12/26/06
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    On 12/25/06, paulJr wrote:
    > I would say ever since becoming a christian ive lost most
    > of my friends.
    > tonight i gave my family the best dinner on the planet
    > prime rib lobster shrimp...
    > nobody even said thank you i had 20 or so people kinda
    > like this is easy...nobody has any frigen money but paul
    > but everybody is coupled up accept lonely paul and nobody
    > has any money but Paul...I wanted to say to everybody as
    > they crunched the lobster tail ok get up and get out of my
    > house....just a feeling that I i crazy or what
    > pauljr

    Awww :( Thanks Paul for making a SUPERB meal for everyone. I
    hate when people dont even use their manners which even a
    simple "thank you" can bring a hard days end to a smile.