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Re: debby (question)/Paul

Posted by KittyJ on 12/26/06
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    On 12/26/06, Debby wrote:
    > Paul no you are not crazy, your a human being with feelings.
    > don't think what you were feeling was anger more then hurt.
    > Don't worry about your family saying thank you, even though
    > they should have. You did what was in your heart and gathered
    > them together for a great meal. You know as well as I, that
    > people can be thoughtless and take things for granted. Feel
    > good that you gave them a delicious meal, and try to forgive
    > them for their lack of sense.
    > The part about you becoming a Christian and losing friends,
    > well thats the way it is in this world. This world has lost
    > their faith in God, just like they did back in bible times.
    > People just don't want to hear about God anymore, so they
    > to shy away from people who like to talk about him. The bible
    > says you will loose people in believing in him. All they are
    > doing is making what the Bible says come true. Alot of people
    > think he doesn't exist anymore cause of how bad our world has
    > become. One day they will see, and I for one think it won't
    > long.
    > God Bless
    > Debby

    An I defiently agree with Debby. God Bless you boh, and I LOVE
    people talk about The Lord and God(offoucrse when they talk
    good things that is), I got upset a few years back when people
    SCREAMED at me because I would always say "God Bless you"
    and "Dont worry your in th Lords good hands" and stuff liek
    that... but I learned, I'll keep speaking about what I wish to
    speak about, who cares about what "they" think :) Its not like
    Im talking about murdering or som,ething grudesome or
    something "none talkable" So just keep believing in the good
    Lord, and talk about him, ONLY true friends dont shy away from
    you when you talk about Him and all :) SO, just pray for your
    former friends and pray they believe and do good and pray for
    your enemies, and be GLAD The Lord is with you. :)