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Re: Dehydratred Veggies

Posted by Betsy on 2/07/07
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    On 1/07/07, Mickie wrote:
    > On 1/07/07, Meeko's Mom wrote:
    >> Hi everyone ! I have been trying to dehydrate veggies for
    >> my birds. They love sweet potatoes, squash & green beans.
    >> But, when I dehydrate them, they look HORRIBLE. Can anyone
    >> give me some tips ?
    > Hi Meeko's Mom,
    > I do dehydrate veggies for my birds too and I notice that
    > when I cut them thicker they dry better ( it takes a little
    > longer too) and my birds like them better too.
    > I do apples, pears, yams, squash. I also cook dry beans and
    > then drain them and dehydrate. They become very crunchy and
    > my birds go nuts over them.
    > Mickie

    Thanks for the tips on the veggies. I have a question. I
    recieved a fruit basket and there were a couple of kiwis in it.
    Can I give kiwi to my parrots?